Special Thank You!

I want to send out a special thank you to meeting contributors for all the help and special attention they gave on a Saturday to the EBT users that attended across the country. Thank you! Dr Matt Budoff, Dr Roger White, Dr Doug Boyd, Dr Jim Ehrlich, Janis Child and Dr Bill Blanchet.

EBT Users Meeting Followup

The first EBT users meeting was a great chance for EBT center owners to discuss in an open forum the successes and challenges we face in today's preventative imaging market. Please feel free to down load the following presentations from the 2007 annual EBT Users meeting for your review.
**Stay tuned for more updates for EBT, marketing, national PR, Billing and upgrade offerings:

EBT Overview

EBT Studies and 64 Slice Comparision Presentation

EBT Billing

EBT Screening and Survival