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E-Source Solutions provides installation services for all EBT products. E-Source Solutions "wrote the book" on the installation and servicing of EBT CT equipment.



EBT CT is the only imaging technology that offers 50 and 100ms Temporal Resolution images. The EBT CT can scan 10 times faster than any conventional CT system.

C300 EBT

EBT CT is an important technology for physicians and patients with known or suspected heart disease, because it is a non-invasive solution for assisting in obtaining critical cardiac diagnosis in less than 15 minutes. Cardiac CT imaging is challenging because the coronary arteries are constantly in motion. The mid-right coronary artery moves five times its own diameter in under 300 milliseconds (ms).


The EBT CT scanner, the world’s fastest computed tomography (CT) imaging platform, delivers an advanced tool for physicians to see and diagnose heart disease.